Max Hit Calculator

In Pow Vista, combat is all about skateboarding into opponents. Your max hit depends on your πŸ’₯ Strength Level, Attack Type (elemental type of your skateboard), and the target’s Defense Type (elemental type of their hoodie or NPC’s element). Elemental types impact your combat strategy, so master them for an edge in battle!

To calculate your max hit, input the following into the form below:

  • πŸ’₯ Strength Level
  • Attack Type (elemental type of your skateboard)
  • Defense Type (elemental type of target’s hoodie or NPC’s element)
Max Hit Calculator

Max Hit Calculator

πŸ’‘ Tips:

  • To identify elemental types, long-press on a skateboard or hoodie in-game to see its emoji (e.g., πŸ”₯, 🌊). No emoji means it’s physical.
  • Check an NPC’s elemental type based on the emoji next to the damage they deal.
  • To delve deeper into Pow Vista’s combat mechanics, including the interactions between elemental types, knockback, experience gain, and more, visit the official Pow Vista Wiki Combat page.